Meeting Michel Roux Jr

I am one lucky girl… On Thursday 19th November I was fortunate enough to meet Michel Roux Jr and Nick Lander (thanks to my awesome cousin Lauren Marks Clee ♥) at the Langham hotel in The Landau restaurant! I don’t know if you have ever been there but the restaurant is so beautiful! Everything about the restaurant is exquisite; from the HAND PAINTED WALLS to the perfectly polished waiters and waitresses! As I sat there looking around like a dazed deer I kept on thinking I would LOVE to work in or own a restaurant like this one day!

The Landau Restaurant

It was incredible talking to Michel Roux Jr and Nick Lander. They were so nice! Even if I was a blubbering nervous mess who couldn’t form a coherent sentence but they listened and answered the onslaught of questions I asked them. I mean seriously! I asked them question after question after question in my verbal desperation  curiosity for the journey of becoming a chef.

I honestly believe that Michel loved being a chef. The first question I asked him was what was the best thing about being a chef. He answered straight away; with absolutely no hesitation. He said the best thing about being a chef was making people happy. Seeing there faces of enjoyment after he had worked long and hard over the dish he had served them. I could see the pure passion he possessed as he spoke. It was amazing. I agree- not that I know much! He believes that if you get a good basic education (GCSE’s) and then train to be a chef at college is the best way to become a chef. So GCSE’s here I come!

I just want to say how much of a unimaginable experience meeting Michel Roux Jr and Nick Lander was. So thanks to them for meeting a stunned girl and answering her curious questions! Also a massive thank you with all my heart to Lauren Marks Clee who made the whole meeting possible!


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